A new study claims that of the five big tech firms, Google tracks more private user data than any other, while Apple tracks the least. AppleInsider reports: Apple previously introduced App Tracking Transparency specifically to protect user privacy from third-party companies. However, the new report says that Apple also avoids self-tracking beyond what is necessary for its services to work. According to StockApps.com, Apple “is the most privacy-conscious company.” “Apple only stores information necessary to maintain user accounts,” it continues. “This is because their website is not as dependent on advertising revenue as Google, Twitter and Facebook.”

StockApps.com’s report does not list what it describes as “data points” that Big Tech companies collect for each user. However, it says they include location information, browser history, third-party website activity and, in Google’s case, Gmail emails. It also does not describe his methodology, but says he used marketing firm digitalinformationworld to investigate Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Of those five, Google reportedly tracks 39 individual data points per user, while Apple only tracks 12. Facebook is surprisingly said to only track 14 data points, while Amazon tracks 23 and Twitter tracks 24.

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