At its I / O developer conference today, Google launched Google Wallet, a new app for Android and Wear OS that will allow users to store things like credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs, travel tickets, concert tickets, vaccination cards and more. TechCrunch reports: It’s pretty simple, but from now on it gets a little confusing. […] [Back in 2018, Google Wallet was folded into Google Pay.] Google Pay is currently available in 42 markets, according to Google. Since in 39 of these markets Google Pay is still mostly a wallet, these users will just see the Google Pay app update to the new Google Wallet app. But in the U.S. and Singapore, Google Pay will remain a payment-focused program, and the Wallet app will coexist to focus on storing your digital cards. In India, meanwhile, Google says “people will continue to use their Google Pay program, which they are familiar with today.”

“The Google Pay app will be a companion app for Wallet,” said Arnold Goldberg, Google’s vice president and general manager of payments, who joined the company earlier this year after a long stint at PayPal. “Think about it [the Google Pay app] as it is a more valuable application that will be a place for you to make payments and manage money, while the wallet will really be this container for storing your payment assets and your non-payment assets. “Goldberg noted that Google has decided to go for it. for the rapid digitization we have seen over the past two years of the pandemic.

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