Back in April, Google postponed when users of the old free version of G Suite had to start paying for Workspace. The company will now allow you to stay on the “free older version of G Suite for personal use” as a “free” alternative in a rather noticeable policy change. 9to5Google reports: This “free” option is for people who are not interested in paying for Workspace, but want to keep access to their data, not just export via Google Takeout. The last few months people have been waiting to join the waiting list for this alternative. Due to changing plans the waiting list no longer exists and these old users can sign up for the free Legacy G Suite now. Go to the Google Admin Console of your account, as there have been many live announcements this afternoon. You have until June 27 to choose the transition path.

First of all, you can “continue to use your custom domain with Gmail”. […] In addition to the Gmail user domain, you “retain access to Google’s free services” and “store your purchases and data.” […] However, you must confirm to Google that your use is for personal non-commercial use: “Google may remove business features from this offer and transfer companies to Google Workspace. In addition, this option will not include support.”

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