It will be a very long year for South Africans who will face an even greater workload than usual. On Tuesday, the struggling energy giant announced that a second phase of load reduction would be implemented across the country. This announcement means that only in May was the light more off than on.

The reason for the power outage was numerous breakdowns and repairs of power plants, which do not seem to be slowing down in the near future.

The load of South Africa is reaching new heights

Over the years, the decline in South Africa’s load has been getting worse, despite the country’s steadily rising electricity prices.

Just when many people thought the decision to cut off electricity would be made soon, reports suggest that 2022 could be the worst load drop in SA history.

According to BusinessTech, in May, which was still only ten days, South Africans have already been subjected to seven days of power outages.

The reason for the last batch of load reduction is heavy power plants and expensive repairs, which have mainly affected coal-fired power plants.

Bloomberg predicts a rather bleak future for the country if all goes on. Currently, only in April 2022, 1,054 gigawatt-hours were reduced against 2,521 for the entire 2021 year.

Constant crisis

Although there has been a lot of talk about resolving the electricity crisis in the country, not much has been done to combat the falling load, which is clearly growing.

As a result, many households and businesses were affected. It also had a significant impact on the country’s economic activity.

Meanwhile, Eskom and the government are also working on plans to use the $ 8.5 billion in funding promised at the COP26 climate summit to give up South Africa’s coal, according to BusinessTech.

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