A 1995 divorce has backfired on a Gauteng man after the High Court in Johannesburg ordered him to pay a debt to his ex-wife, Business Insider reports.



Judge Lester Adams noted that the man had essentially defaulted on the divorce settlement after officially separating from his wife in 1995.

According to the divorce decree, the man was required to pay monthly maintenance of 750 rand, as well as to contribute to her education from kindergarten to university. In accordance with Business Insidertheir daughter is now a registered psychologist who graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand.

In addition, he was ordered to foot the bill for her medical and dental expenses, the publication reported. According to his ex-wife, his financial obligations in 2016 were just over R230,000 and the man was unable to remain consistent in making his payments. For example, in 2004 he paid just over 28,000 rand against the 70,000 he was expected to pay.

Judge Adams also noted that the man could not provide evidence of the money he claimed to have paid his ex-wife.

“It is also instructive that this is not found anywhere in his documents [he] even attempt to name the amounts he allegedly paid [his ex-wife] pursuant to the maintenance orders included in the September 1995 court order,” he said.

A judge ruled that his ex-wife is entitled to his assets if he doesn’t settle a big bill.

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