The Association of Road Transport (RFA) says the expected increase in gasoline prices of 3.20 cents per liter will be a deadly nail for the transport industry.

According to the Automobile Association, unverified data in the middle of the month show an increase of almost 2 rupees per liter. Add to this government’s tax holiday of R1.50, which expires in late May, RFA Director General Gavin Kelly says the government needs to find other alternatives to collecting fuel.

“I think the value of the rand to the dollar can affect that, and the government can play a big role. But in the 70s and 80s we produced our own oil from coal, whether or not it was Sasol, and whether or not it had to be one of the things we had to do to lower the actual base price of a liter of oil or a liter of fuel in the country, ”he says.

Meanwhile, the National Taxi Council of South Africa (Santaka) says passengers should be prepared to raise taxi fares due to record high petrol prices.

“It is very disappointing that petrol has grown by so much and it will still increase, this makes it very difficult for an industry like our non-subsidized industry, we also live in the same communities that are struggling to make a living. struggling to get a job, but you need to use transportation, ”says Santaco Chief Strategic Manager Bafana Magagula.

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