Sana Muchunu stole the Gomorrah show with her unsurpassed acting skills. Her magical way of keeping Mzansi glued to her screens made her famous today. With her fame today, it is impossible to say that Sanaa has a history from rags to wealth.

Sana was not born famous; it has paved its way into the competitive entertainment industry. She really is the epitome of hard work.

Before Sana Mchunu debuted in the entertainment industry, she was a street dancer. Many may not believe it, for she is now famous and brilliant; being a celebrity looks good on her. However, Gomorrah’s storyline slowly reveals Sana’s real story.

Sana Mchunu: Image source @Instagram

The two “Sana Mchunu” from Gomorrah used to be a street dancer

In the beginning, she plays Zodva, Don’s widow, who is trying to earn a living for her two children, Sibongila and Teddy. In the last episode of the show in Zodwa there are problems with his daughter Sibongil, who twice crosses two people to secure the bag. After Zodva learned that her daughter was dating two men at the same time, she sat down with her and warned of the dangers of dating while still in the matrix.

Sana Mchunu
Sana Mchunu: Image source @Instagram

Zodwa Sibongile’s life training on the set turned out to be her real-life story. In her own words, she said:

Stop dating during the matrix; these guys will use you and dump you. I’m not just talking; I went through it. When I was in ninth grade, I was friends with Don and we started dating. One night he came to me for candy, and I got out of my parents’ house. Don knew I loved sweets and he captured me along with them to sleep with him and so Teddy came into this world. Then I dropped out of school, which was the beginning of my miserable life. Sibongile, I say this because I don’t want you to go through what I went through.

Zodwa Sibongile’s parade while playing Gomorrah is similar to her real-life story. The actress we all loved to hate was the mother of two children at 19 years old. Rumor has it that she became pregnant when she was in ninth grade and dropped out of school. After giving birth, she has a hard time making ends meet by becoming a street dancer. The late Brenda Fass later discovered her and taught her to become a professional dancer.

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