Orlando Pirates former goalkeeper Brighton Mhlong confirmed that local players have serious alcohol problems. He was an alcoholic before overcoming it to live a sober life.


During a recent open chat on the MacG podcast, Brighton Mhlong said he and his former teammates had seriously hit the bottle.

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Mhlong said that part of the motivation to drink is caused by the stresses that come with the life of a professional footballer. He said many binges happen after matches, especially when the result is very disappointing.

The 31-year-old Sauet resident added that he often went to workouts drunk after a sleepless night.

Mhlong in the Pirates to a horrific eye injury interrupted his career. Image: @OfficialPSL / Twitter

“With us once or twice you would go to training flopping.” Mhlong, whose eye injury forced him to retire young, said on MacG podcast.

“I remember coming out of the Congo and hearing beeps [of early morning traffic]… Eish training… we train at 9am. Now 08:00 and ngiyaphuma eKong.

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“I live in Ruimzig. Training at Turffontein. I will not go to Ruimzig. I’m shooting straight for training “ added the retired star.

“Go there, cold shower … hayi si right ntwana. Anjani is mad at you? ” “You would be surprised. I’m not saying it’s right, but if you know anguilla, that’s when you push the most.

“Everyone knows you were on the street and drunk, so you need to get to work.

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“It was week after week, yilala vuka. I woke up looking at the ceiling and thinking, “Hey, this is not my place.”

The product to be developed by Orlando Pirates also added that he never played a match drunk.

Former Bafana goalkeeper Bafana, who received the call Shakes Mashabu The following are examples of players falling off the rails because after joining the wrong clubs for big money.

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“You find players who have signed big contracts but end up wondering what I’m doing here? “So you get all the money and don’t play. Do you know what this leads to?

“You used to be talked about in the city, but now you don’t play. What are you going to do to make people see you? You will chat at parties. I need to stay relevant.

“You want to show them: okay, I’m not playing, but I have money” said Mhlong.

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Mhlong also revealed the murder of former goalkeeper Orlando Pirates Senzo Mayiva threw the team into a deep depression as a team.

Soon the group found their way to cope with the trauma by drinking alcohol together while avoiding the public eye.

“It was a very difficult period that we went through, especially during the period when we lost uSenzo [Meyiwa].

“We didn’t have enough time to sort it out. We probably had one therapy. I just wanted to go get a bottle and drown my grief.

“Footballers have realized that it is better if we go in a group. It is we who either celebrate or comfort ourselves.

“We felt we were the only ones who understood each other and what we were going through now.” – said the former number one “Orlando Pirates”.


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