FNB is accelerating its efforts to help clients with significant financial and life decisions to improve their lives. It has launched a wide range of solutions on the FNB app with new partners eBucks and FNB Connect.

FNB has expanded its education and self-development offerings with partners such as Extra markswhich offers digital solutions for learning up to matric, and BiBfeaturing a curated audio library of children’s books in various African languages, as well as a free audio/graphic series on 100 fearless, influential and successful South African women.

Fast bus is also available on the FNB app to book bus journeys with major bus operators on the continent such as Entertainerwhich offers “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deals on fine dining.

Relevant customers will be equally excited about the addition ARC as a new eBucks partner for their luxury beauty and self-service experience. They can earn up to 15% or 30% back in eBucks on global and local premium brands in skincare, make-up, fragrances and accessories depending on their transaction account and reward level.

New for FNB Connect this LTE wireless data an offer that gives customers access to large data packages at affordable prices. This addition to the FNB Connect data portfolio gives customers access to more data for entertainment, education, gaming, work and collaboration on the go, at home or in the workplace.

FNB Connect also presents Smart ladies on the FNB app, where customers and their families can conveniently and affordably manage the inside and outside of their homes with the latest high-end security products from Ring as well as smart home offers from Xiaomi.

“These new solutions and partnerships are part of our ongoing efforts to deliver greater value to our customers,” says Raj Makanye, CEO of FNB Retail. “They will go a long way in helping customers reduce rising household costs, particularly for needs such as education, travel, home improvement and affordable data. This aligns with our particular focus on helping customers unlock the financial potential in their budgets through significant partner benefits through eBucks and FNB Connect.”

The full range of new value propositions is as follows:

Extramarks – smaller support to help families realize their dreams and aspirations

Access to and cost of education remains a challenge for families across the country. As a result, FNB is going beyond banking to support the dreams and aspirations of its customers with a free R to 12 interactive learning support subscription worth over R2 000. Customers can activate this service via eBucks on FNB and RMB Private. Banking programs.

BiB – an audio library that celebrates, showcases African stories in African voices

Customers can now use the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps to subscribe to an audio library with a full selection of authentic African books and audio series for just R159.99 per month. The offer also includes the sharing of one to four titles, and users can download their favorite content for a leisurely experience. Payment can be made in rand or electronic bucks, the average price of a book is 250 rand and even less for children’s books. In addition, customers get free access to a series of audiographic literary sketches by acclaimed author James-Brent Wall, which pay tribute to 100 fearless South African women on their journey to success. The service is available on the eBucks tab of the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps, and the first 30,000 subscribers will receive one free title.

QuickBus – helps you skip that bus line

Adding QuickBus to the travel options of FNB or RMB Private Bank gives customers, their families and businesses the convenience of comparing, booking and paying for bus travel from major bus operators across the African continent through a trusted platform. QuickBus offers travel to 6,500 African destinations with over 100 bus operators, and customers can pay in Rand, save money by paying with eBucks, or use a combination of Rand and eBucks. The new offer complements the existing travel offer, which includes discounted flights, car hire and access to Slow Lounges for qualifying customers. Travel options are available via eBucks in the FNB and RMB Private Bank programs.

ARC – for the love of beauty

FNB Premier Account customers can earn up to 15% in eBucks, while FNB Private customers, FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank Transaction Accounts can earn up to 30% in eBucks when shopping in-store or online ARC Stores throughout the country. Customers will also be able to spend their eBucks from September. ARC is your one-stop beauty wonderland, offering a unique shopping experience, expert service and over 100 premium beauty brands in skincare, makeup, fragrance, body care, accessories. Look for Huda Beauty, Chanel, Dermalogica, Atkinsons, Fenty Beauty and more.

emcee – Provider of restaurants, dining and various other entertainment offers “Buy One Get One Free”.

FNB has a long-standing relationship with Entertainer, the number one provider of dining, dining and various other entertainment offerings. To provide customers with added value and convenience, they will now be able to register, view and activate their Entertainer Restaurant transactions within the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps. To date, the partnership has generated over 400,000 subscriptions and delivered R50 million in value to FNB customers through Buy One Get One Free deals, with a subscription value of over R1 billion.

FNB Connect LTE wireless plans

The new LTE offerings are available as a top-up plan on a monthly basis for retail and individual business customers. The plans include increased data volumes to meet customers’ needs for entertainment, education, gaming, work and collaboration on the go, at home or in the workplace. Customers can use this data on a smart device (phone or tablet), mobile Wi-Fi or router.

FNB Connect LTE wireless plans include:

  • 5GB at 89 rand for individual customers, 84 rand for business customers
  • 10GB at R139 for individual customers, R130 for business customers
  • 20GB at R199 for individual customers, R190 for business customers
  • 30GB at R299 for individual customers, R280 for business customers
  • 50GB at R449 for individual customers, R420 for business customers

FNB Connect Smart Home Offers at affordable prices for high-tech products

The Smart Home Deals on the FNB app are made possible by a partnership between FNB Connect and Ring, a provider of high-tech home security solutions and accessories, as well as Xiaomi, a popular electronics brand known for producing high-tech, quality technology products. Buying products through FNB’s 24-month program deals is cheaper than buying them over 24 months in retail stores. To access Smart Home Deals, customers click on Product Shop in the FNB app and go to Connect Shop.

Some of the high-tech home security offerings from Ring include:

  • Security ring alarm kit – 5 pieces – 239 rand/month
  • Ring Stick Up Cam – R119/month
  • Video Doorbell V3 – R199/month
  • Ring Cam and doorbell kit – 299 rand/month

Xiaomi Smart IOT products include:

  • Xiaomi TV Box S EU – R79/month
  • Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5l – 109 rubles per month
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 (White) – 289 Rand/month
  • Smart Home Package 1 – 139 Rand/month

“We are committed to continuing to add even more value to the customers who have a relationship with us. Our success in this regard has earned us international recognition with eBucks named the best in the world for the use of technology in all loyalty programs. In addition, FNB Connect’s digital disruption in the telecommunications industry earned it joint first place as Digital MVNO of the Year at the Global MVNO Awards,” concludes McCany.

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