Once again, South African creators prove that they are world-class talent. Five South African photographers have been named to Vogue’s ‘Next Great Fashion Image Makers’ list. The list consists of 40 artists from all over the world.


A multinational Condé Nast jury compiled a list of “Image Makers”. The photographs will be exhibited in the Italian fashion capital, Milan, from November 17 to 20. In addition, this work will be the focus of the Photo Vogue festival.

The South African photographers were selected from 30,000 entries and artists from 121 countries. Among the gifted artists:

  • Durban native Art Verips,
  • Jodie Bieber, born Josie,
  • Imran Christian from Cape Town,
  • Carl van der Linde of Cape Town, and
  • Lee-Ann Olvage from Cape Town.

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Photo Vogue shared the goals of the open competition in a statement released with the announcement.

“We wanted to highlight a new generation of socially conscious fashion image makers, artists who are a driving force for change and whose work can dialogue with different genres, from documentary to art. We were looking for artists who are able to address issues related to social justice and sustainability in powerful and vibrant images and films.”

Photo by Vogue

In addition, the goal of the global photo challenge is to recognize and promote diversity. In addition, Vogue aims to continue to adhere to the standard of creating “timeless fashion looks”.

Each of the artists already has impressive career portfolios, showcasing artistic skills ranging from filmmaking to photography.

South African photographers have also collaborated with well-known brands, publications and designers such as Rich Mnisi (Verrips), Time Magazine (Bieber), DAZED (Van der Linde) and others.

The sky is the limit for these local photographers!

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