The drive for spring cleaning is sweeping the southern hemisphere, but with inflation currently at 7.8% as of July, housing costs have skyrocketed.

In our Daily Hacks series, we bring you the latest beauty and home tips, trends and tricks to change your life and save you money. Today we’re going to help you better plan your spring cleaning.

In days gone by, clean influencers like Sophie Hinchcliffe (aka Mrs. Hinch) and Marie Kondo may have convinced people to opt for high-end brands, but statistics show that people are now trying to be a lot more frugal.

In an effort to meet demand for more affordable cleaning solutions, retailer Game has stepped in to create its latest First Value offering.

“While private label brands were not always viewed favorably, that perception began to change when they saw that they could get value for money in a single product,” Game explained in a statement.

“With high inflation, most consumers are on a tight budget, so they’re ditching more expensive national brands for private label products,” added Kathryn Madley, Game’s vice president of marketing.

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The brand recently shared its spring cleaning tips, highlighting areas that some people tend to overlook when cleaning before the season.

Inputs matter

“If you have rugs, clean them on both sides. Most of the time, doorways have the most dirt, and it all accumulates on the doormat,” advises the brand.

Also, putting one doormat on the outside and one on the inside is another way to keep out as much dirt as possible and reduce the amount of work you might have to do during spring cleaning.

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You can even go further and ask guests to remove their shoes when they enter.

Don’t forget your walls

The walls are prone to greasy fingerprints, dust and stains, but according to the brand, keeping them clean is as easy as wiping them down with a damp microfiber cloth.

“Bonus points if you wipe the door frames and baseboards too!”

Windows and blinds

When you finally find the time and energy to clean your windows, Game advises doing so on an overcast day, when you don’t want the cleaner to dry and leave streaks before you get a chance to wipe them off.

As with walls, microfiber cloths work wonders on blinds and windows.


The bad news is that your cell phone is full of germs. To clean it, turn it off, then wipe with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant.

“Let it air dry for five minutes before wiping again with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. This method works well for disinfecting other electronics, such as TV remotes and computer mice.”

daily phone hacks
Cleaning and disinfection of the phone. Photo: iStock

Cutting boards

“Chopping boards always manage to get food marks that don’t go away no matter how hard you clean,” before offering one of his First Value products.

Alternatively, they suggest sprinkling salt or baking soda on the board, or running the cut side of a lemon across the board to remove food stains and odors.

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