Police are investigating the accident that killed five people on the N4 toll road near Ngodwana in Mpumalanga on Thursday morning.

Representatives of the traffic police report that three cars were involved in the accident. They say that the car crashed into the truck and it overturned on the side.

The same truck was also hit by a side. All the victims were in the car.

ER24 said in a statement: “TER24 and the Provincial Emergency Medical Service arrived at the scene at 06:32 and found the car on its side in the middle of the road. The truck and tanks were found parked nearby. Upon closer inspection, the medics found four people lying around the car, with a man trapped inside.’

“Medics examined the patients and found that two men and three women, including a girl believed to be 12 years old, had already died from multiple injuries. Nothing could be done for them and they were pronounced dead. The driver of the truck was found with only minor injuries. He was treated and transported to the hospital by regional ambulance. Local authorities were on the scene for further investigation,” the ambulance company added.

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