Starting next year, new Fitbit users will need to sign up with a Google Account, but it also looks like it will be required to access some new features in the coming years. Trusted Reviews reports: Google has been slowly integrating Fitbit since buying the company in November 2019. Indeed, the latest products are now known as “Fitbit by Google”. However, in the current situation, device owners have been able to maintain separate accounts for Google and Fitbit. Now, Google has announced that it will migrate Google Accounts to Fitbit in 2023, allowing for a single sign-in to both services. From now on, all new registrations will be done through Google. Fitbit accounts will only be supported until 2025. From now on, a Google account will be the only way. To help with the transition, once Google Accounts is rolled out, it will be possible to move existing devices while keeping all data saved.

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