The worst was feared as the injured protesters took to the streets in Pietermaritzburg, but doing so next to a newly built shopping centre.


Brookside Mall reopened this week after a year of construction. This was because he was a victim of the July 2021 KZN riots that left the city in disarray.

Informal residents of Jika Jo blocked roads today, Friday, September 23, to protest against the government’s problems.


According to AET Security, the victims were Manor, Prince Alfred, Burger, Loop and East streets.

The company also reported moving towards a mall in the lower part of the CBD.

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“Protesters are currently blocking Manning Avenue in front of Brookside Mall with burning trash. Please avoid this route.”

AET Security

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Roads are blocked as Jico Joe residents protest over power problems. Photo: AET Security/ Facebook.

However, there were no reports of destruction of private property. This is thanks to the protection of the AET, the police, municipal security and the public order police, whose officers kept a close eye on the activities at the site.


The chaotic scenes that unfolded during the riots that followed the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma saw not only the looting of Brookside Shopping Center but also the building being set on fire.

This mall gained eternal notoriety after its crumbling structure went viral in local and international news due to a fire.

Its renovation began late last year, but its imminent closure hurt local residents, who then had to travel to the Central Business District to do their shopping.

The grand opening of the shopping center took place on Wednesday, September 21. Among those present was Msunduzi Municipality Mayor Mzimkhulu Thebola who delivered the keynote address.

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“The impact of local economic development and employment opportunities that will be created as a result of this reopening will greatly mitigate the negative impact of local economic data caused by Covid-19, such as job losses, difficult business, etc.,” he said. welcoming mall. back.

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