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Banking has accelerated its growth culminating in a successful round of investments totaling $ 11 million.

The circle led to Dalus Capitaland accompanied IDB Laboratory, IDC Ventures, Athos group, Kube Ventures, Finacess Group, iThink VC, Sonen Capital and Oikocredit.

New investors are joining existing ones, including, Elevar Equity and Endevor Catalyst.

Bankingly positions itself as a strategic partner of financial institutions for their digital transformation, focusing on the development of customer-applications and digital channels.

The company is particularly committed to cooperating with cooperatives, microfinance institutions, and small and medium-sized banks from developing countries that have gained momentum in terms of financial integration due to the technological wave in the world after the pandemic.

Today, Bankingly has nearly 100 financial institutions in Latin America and Africa that have subscribed to its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This new round of investment will allow the company to enter 25 new markets, deepen its presence in Latin America, boost development in Africa and facilitate entry into high-potential Asian markets.

The second pillar of its strategy this year will be to expand its own offering and launch a market for commercial affiliate products that increase the value of the existing SaaS platform, which currently has more than 3.5 million contract users. a number that is also growing rapidly.

Martin Naor, CEO and founder of Bankingly, said:

We have created Bankingly with a vision to offer robust and reliable digital transformation tools at an affordable price and a variable payment model that matches institutional investment. In a few weeks, the digital channel will be fully operational, which will push revolutionary development in terms of what used to be an expensive, long and tedious process. Our focus has always been on improving personalized relationships with our customers, and in that sense we have been able to successfully replicate the experience that the physical world offers by adding the benefits of the digital channel.

This new round of investment allows us to access a wide range of growth opportunities in the world of payment methods, remittances and new business models for financial institutions. Without a doubt, we are changing the industry and providing premium digital services to a segment of customers that is historically underserved. I am proud of the team; they have done an incredible job so far and I am excited on a clear path forward to an exceptional position that we will undoubtedly build during 2022.

Veronica Bosu, Business Development Manager in South Africa, said:

Technology is fast becoming the core of financial services around the world and paving the way for smart and simple banking solutions. This has changed the financial industry, and Bankingly is at the forefront of that change. Through our mobile and web platforms we ensure financial health and inclusion in Africa.

Today, we have excellent innovative products included in our services, such as digital customization of customers, products and cards, digital origin loans, a fraud monitoring solution that strengthens potential gateways to the digital world, and a multi-channel transactional chatbot that includes Whats .

This new round of investment marks an important milestone for the company, expands the opportunities for expansion and materializes the growth we anticipate for South Africa and all African regions.

Diego Silver, managing co-founder of Dalus Capital, said:

At Dalus Capital, we are very excited about the opportunities that await Bankingly, which today is the world’s leading technology company SaaS, focused on the digital transformation of financial institutions in developing countries for customers.

We are proud to support Bankingly in its growth and expansion as it contributes to the financial inclusion of millions of people, first in Latin America and Africa and soon in Southeast Asia.

About banking
Founded in 2015, Banking is a technology company with a vision to transform the way financial institutions in emerging markets promote their digital channel and thus contribute to the financial inclusion of millions of people around the world. Providing cloud-based technologies with a SaaS business model based on the number of active users of each institution allows Bankingly customers to adjust their costs according to the benefits achieved. With a short, optimized deployment process with high functionality and cybersecurity standards, the Bankingly platform offers a mobile app, a transactional website, a chatbot and many other products. Today, more than 1.5 million people from nearly 100 organizations trust Bankingly technology. Request a demo version.

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