Innovative ideas and delivering great products and services are no longer enough to set a business apart and ensure its survival – businesses now need to unify their operations and focus on micro-profits to survive and thrive.

That’s according to Chris Vizaga, CTO of UnlimitIT, and Devald du Plessis, COO of UnlimitIT, speaking ahead of Realize 2022, Micro Focus’ biggest customer event of the year. UnlimiIT will be sponsoring and presenting at the event, explaining how businesses must adapt to stop being fragile.

Vizaghi says the pace of business change and rapid competition in all sectors means that the old business differentiators are no longer enough: “Once upon a time, all you needed was a good idea and you had a business. Later, you had to innovate using technology to differentiate products and services. We’ve seen the emergence of a new breed of CEOs who understand that businesses need to move much faster, and they’ve become good at applying DevOps. Now we see that even this is not enough,” he says.

“You may be on top of good ideas and how you go to market, but so are all your competitors. It has become very difficult to differentiate and grow any business – especially when customer loyalty evaporates. As competition gets tougher, many organizations are looking to cut costs through automation, but there is a limit to the number of cost-saving measures an organization can implement before they become counterproductive. What many miss is the value of micro-gains to be achieved internally, which have the compounding effect of pushing up profits and share prices.

“The next push is to tie everything together and focus on the profit margins across the business, across all of its operations and across the supply chain. The way to do this is through Enterprise Service Management (ESM),” says Vizaghi.

Du Plessis explains that ESM covers much more than IT service management, telephone services or support services. “ESM is becoming more important than ERP platforms. The benefit – and challenge for businesses – is that ESM spans the entire business. It’s not an IT thing, it’s a business thing. Organizations need ESM to bridge the gaps between products, services, go-to-market and how the business gets things done, giving management a clear view of the business with an understanding of where the problems are and what their impact is. They need to identify and use micro-benefits to become more competitive and differentiate their business. “Those enterprises that succeed will exist in the future, and those that fail will disappear almost overnight,” he says.

As a trusted advisor to leading enterprises, UnlimitIT will talk at Realize about how companies can turn inefficiencies into efficiencies to improve sustainability and profitability by leveraging the benefits to be achieved across all ESM structures and functions.

Micro Focus Realize 2022 – September 15

Under the motto “Solve Your Digital Dilemma”, Micro Focus Realize 2022 will take place at the Langhams Lifestyle Estate in Johannesburg on 15 September.

Realize is designed as a “decide for” conference where a select group of customers learn how to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities; and both are driving businesses while simultaneously transforming.

The event will feature eight customer speakers, four strategic partner speakers and four panel discussions with tracks focusing on important topics including business resilience, cloud, automation and analytics and DevSecOps.

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