Eskom again urged people to use electricity sparingly during rush hour, turning off unnecessary things.

This happened after the implementation on Wednesday of the 2nd stage of power outage, which ended at 22:00. Eskom has apologized to the public for the recent power outages, saying management is working to address the challenges the company is facing.

Eskom spokesman Sihanati Mantshansha says: “With the onset of winter there is an increase in demand and this will lead to capacity constraints during the winter, especially in the evening and morning peaks. Unfortunately, this usually requires exercise load reduction (roll off) during evening peaks. Eskom would like to remind the public that reducing the load (rolling power outages) is implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid. That is why we call on all South Africans to continue to use electricity sparingly. ”

Meanwhile, Eskom CEO Andre de Ruiter apologized to the public for the recent power outages, saying top management was working to address the challenges facing the power industry.

De Ruiter spoke during a media briefing. He says: “We tried to minimize the impact on national life by limiting the hours during which the load disconnection is implemented. However, we fully appreciate that the load shedding (rolling out power outage) remains a huge inconvenience, and so we once again would like to apologize. I can assure you that my supervisor and I are busy with this issue, and we are making every effort to solve the problems that have not been resolved. “

Eskom is implementing Phase 2 power outages from Monday from 5pm to 10am.

VIDEO | Last briefing for Eskom media:

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