Eskom says that on Friday night at 22:00 the power outage will be reduced to the first stage due to lower demand over the weekend.

Electricity says the power outage will continue at that level until 5 a.m. Monday.

Energy on Tuesday introduced a 2nd phase of power outage due to delays in the return of generators to operation, as well as due to the breakdown of nine generators.

Eskom spokesman Sikanati Mantshancha urged the population to continue to use electricity sparingly.

Earlier this week, President Cyril Ramaphosa assured South Africans that the government is doing everything possible to make rapid power outages a thing of the past.

In his weekly letter to the nation, Ramaphosa said it would be done by steadily addressing issues at Eskom, as well as building significant new energy production facilities.

Ramaphosa added that Eskom is promoting its maintenance program and correcting design defects at the Kusile and Medupi power plants.

The energy sector is also decommissioning old power plants that have reached the end of their design life, and reassigning others to use cleaner energy sources.

The video below reports that Eskom continues to fight the aging of power plants, economists express concern:

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