The entertainment business is slowly recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has a positive effect on the entrepreneurs who rely on these businesses to thrive.

The unofficial traders’ association says trading licenses are still a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. But they indicate that they see an improvement in their fortunes after the full reopening of entertainment centers.

The entertainment industry has been among the hardest hit by the impact of COVID-19. Entertainment centers such as stadiums had to be closed for maintenance. Stadium Authority South Africa says that without a commercial business, things have gone south and wages have had to be cut by 80%.

Stadium Management CEO Bertie Grobbelaar says they are starting to see some recovery. “We are close to returning to normal life. There have been many requests, the PSL season has started again as you saw last week. So we have full viewership back. So we’re excited about what’s in store for the new season and there’s been a lot of inquiries about other commercial events,” says Grobbelaar.

Impact on informal traders

One informal trader near the Ellis Park stadium says things are almost back to normal as the stadiums reopen.

“There is a difference because there are people who are busy at the stadium, so they can support my business, that’s why there is a difference,” says trader Issac Hoza. On the other hand, the Association of Informal Traders says the closure of the stadiums was harmful to informal business. It says many have not been able to recover from the effects of the lockdown restrictions.

“Business is fine. It comes as you have seen. It usually depends on the outcome or the people attending the event. So far, the first two games they went to the stadium and tried to sell, they didn’t come back with anything, so business has been going very well,” says the secretary of the Association of Informal Traders, Brian Faalo.

As the entertainment industry slowly recovers, bookings are increasing and fans are taking part in various activities. Informal traders say they are excited because it means things will start looking up for them too.

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