An anonymous reader quotes an Ars Technica report: One of the best things about electric cars, other than their power transmissions, instant torque and quiet silence, is the fact that as the electrical grid gets cleaner, every EV that uses that grid to charge. This process took a step forward this week with the news that by next year the Electrify America (EA) charging grid will be fully offset by solar energy.

On Wednesday, EA signed a 15-year agreement with Terra-Gen to purchase electricity from a 75-megawatt solar farm being built last in San Bernardino County, California. The Electrify America Solar Glow 1 project will start later this year, and if it is fully launched in 2023, it should have an annual energy production of 225,000 MWh. This is more than enough to account for the annual energy consumption of the EA charging network. In fact, EA says that as of April, its electricity is already 100 percent renewable thanks to purchases from various suppliers, but with the commissioning of the Solar Glow 1 charger, it must have full confidence that it is putting more solar energy into the grid than it uses to charge our cars.

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