Disney has added 7.9 million new subscribers to its Disney Plus streaming service in the first three months of 2022, the company announced (PDF) in its second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday. The Verge reports: That’s about 87.6 million people worldwide, excluding the 50.1 million people who signed up for Disney Plus Hotstar internationally. In the US and Canada alone, Disney Plus has 7.1 million more subscribers than a year ago, with 44.4 million. The company also said the number of subscribers for all its streaming offerings – including Hulu and ESPN Plus – rose to more than 205 million, up from 196.4 million reported in January.

Disney also reports that it earns more per Disney Plus subscriber than before, at least in the US. If earlier his average monthly income per paid subscriber was $ 6.01, now it is $ 6.32. Disney says this is due to “higher retail prices and fewer wholesale subscribers.” Despite this, Disney Plus is actually losing company money more than before. Disney says this is due to higher costs for production, advertising and technology. These costs are unlikely to decrease, and rising prices, as Netflix has done, could cut subscriber growth. All of this together makes it clear why Disney is looking to build an ad-supported level sooner rather than later.

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