A severe drought in Texas has revealed traces of ancient dinosaurs dating back more than 100 million years.

Several dinosaur footprints belonging to the dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus were recently found at Valley of the Dinosaurs State Park in northwest Texas when a widespread drought caused a river that runs through central Texas to almost completely dry up.

Footprints of the dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus were found in the almost completely dried up Paluxi River. The 15-foot, seven-ton creature once inhabited the area more than 113 million years ago, the state park confirmed in an email to NBC News.

About 60 Acrocanthosaurus footprints were discovered in the drought, making a total of about 140 dinosaur footprints, the BBC reports.

“Most of the tracks that have recently been discovered and found in various parts of the river in the park belong to acrocanthosaurs,” park spokeswoman Stephanie Salinas Garcia told CNN in an email.

Acrocanthosaurus tracks have not been seen since 2000, and the footprints have been hidden under layers of water and sediment, although visitors can sometimes see tracks of other dinosaurs at the state park depending on weather conditions, according to the park’s website.

Also found were prints of Sauroposeidon, a 66-foot-long creature that once weighed about 48 tons when fully grown. Experts believe that Acrocanthosaurus preyed on Sauroposeidon, explaining why their prints were found together.

Several US states are facing extreme drought as a result of climate change.

Decreasing water levels in key reservoirs have prompted the federal government to step in, issuing water-use cuts that will affect Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.

In Texas, almost all areas of the Lone Star State are experiencing a severe drought, causing water sources to dry up.

The depletion of the water table has revealed other discoveries besides dinosaur footprints. Human remains and a World War II-era ship were discovered in Lake Mead when the water level dropped during a prolonged drought.

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