Devin Phillips responded that he alleges “false accusations” made by Bonang Mateba on Twitter, who accused him of “stealing” the House of BNG company from her

Exclusively with the statement of the former media manager South African.


On Thursday, Bonang tweeted a storm of shocking accusations against her former management company Celebrity Services Africa (CSA), and in particular targeted Devin Phillips.

In it, she accused David Phillips of:

  • “Stealing my company”, meaning the House of BNG, which produces both alcoholic and soft drinks
  • “Steal from Black Creatives,” allegedly also part of the CSA
  • “$ 52,000 from iHeart Media, which cost me my radio show”

In a statement, Devin Phillips said Bonang’s allegations were “false”. He also said that their separate legal groups are currently working on this issue.

He said: “These statements and madness of Ms. Mateba are very harmful and damage her own dignity and reputation. They are also another attempt by Ms. Mateba to distort and manipulate the facts. To be clear, Ms. Mateba joined the CSA in 2017, and the BNG House was launched in 2019.

“Madam. Matheba is currently in breach of several contracts with various clients. Now the case is with our lawyers, and the arbitrator will decide on its breach of contract.”


Devin insisted that Bonang “received millions of rand in profits from The House of BNG”, while “CSA is still at a loss and in the red after investing millions in the venture to make it a success”. .

He also claims that CSA has invested in BNG House and has played “a significant role in brand design and development, from the actual naming convention to market path, packaging, innovation, creating CI brand dissemination strategies and ensuring security from all partnership activities.” .

Devin also responded to statements that he “cost” Bonang her podcast on Charlamagne and God’s new Black Effect podcast network under iHeart Media.

He said: “The agreement was terminated by iHeart due to the fact that Ms. Mateba refused to fulfill her obligations, thereby violating her agreement.”

South African turned to Bonang Matheba for comment. She did not respond at the time of publication.

Beef between Bonang and CSA HEATING

The relationship between Bonang Mateba and Devin Phillips dates back to 2017, when the latter signed the star with his agency. In 2017, Devin Phillips also registered Vino Ventures, which acquired the rights to manufacture House of BNG products.

According to the CSA, they were tasked with representing her “entertainment, fashion, entrepreneurship and charity”.

In 2019, Bonang founded the House of BNG, receiving a stellar launch and a positive reception from South African consumers.

Let’s move on to 2021, when the news of the ownership of the House of BNG.

According to News24, The CSA allegedly negotiated directly with Vino Ventures and split the partnership between them, excluding Bonanga as a shareholder. The CSA also claimed that Bonang knew that any intellectual property, trademark or copyright they developed remained their property, including the House of BNG.

The company claimed that the star was entitled to a reward from the sale of BNG, and asked her to “give up control” over the company because she was “violating several contracts”.

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