The demand for treatment of congenital heart disease in South Africa is increasing. More than 500 children are waiting for medical help in the provincial hospital in Gkeberha alone.

However, there is hope for their plight as the Pell Foundation works around the clock to raise awareness of the plight of children on the waiting list and get them into cinemas.

The fund was established in June 2021 and has already conducted 11 operations with the help of its partners.

Parents of children who have already undergone treatment are happy to have their children back.

The goal of the foundation is to restore hope.

The children faced a potentially fatal condition, but now they are freed from this restriction. This is a great relief for the parents and families of these young people.

Fundraising initiative for children with congenital heart disease

However, the waiting list to achieve that feeling is getting longer and longer.

Surgery is a scary process for small patients.

Still, they say they are relieved to have their strength back.

“Before the operation, I was tired and feeling bad. It was very unpleasant to be tired all the time,” says one of the young patients.

“I feel better now, but I was very scared before the operation,” says one of the children’s beneficiaries, another patient says.

Pelo Dudu fund manager Mvimbi Leshabane says they are expanding their network and are aware of the long road ahead.

“Of these 500 or more children, we were able to help at least 11. The last one is coming out of surgery today and he is healthy. He will be able to fly home,” explains Leshabane.

Statistics show that in 2010, more than 90% of children born with congenital pathologies lived in rural areas. But even more sad is the fact that up to 20% of children with anomalies do not grow up without medical intervention.

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