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Daily News Update – Monday, August 15, 2022

Prince Simakade: Faction of Zulu Royal Family declares Senior King Zwelitini as King

A small group of Zulu royals have announced that the late King Goodwill Tswelithini’s eldest son, Prince Simakade, is officially the new king.

The announcement came after Prince Shimakade held a royal accession ceremony at Enyokeni Palace, a week before his brother, King Misuzulu, was expected to do so.

In accordance with SABC Newsthe accession to the throne is one of the key rituals following the death of an Amazulu monarch and precedes the recognition of a successor.

Speaking before the ceremony, the faction said they were the only ones who could identify the Zulu king and said the Missuzulu king was not their choice.

ANC reprimands MP Khalid Syed for blasphemous comments

The African National Congress (ANC) condemned the blasphemous remarks of MP Muhammad Khalid Sayed about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

The party says comments on Saida member of the Wynberg branch of the ANC and a member of the provincial legislature, drew the ire of a large section of the Muslim community in his hometown and across the country.

“The ANC has reprimanded Cde Khalid Saeed and further notes and welcomes his apology to the Muslim community which we have insisted be made public and that such views are not only retracted but never repeated again.”

“The ANC accepts, respects and supports all religious denominations represented in our country. South Africa’s progressive constitution embraces a secular state in which all religions coexist and profess their faith in a free and democratic society,” the party said.

Ministers may remain without protection, as VIP units threaten to strike – reports

Security forces working in the VIP security units of ministers, deputy ministers and prime ministers are threatening to quit their jobs for non-payment of travel and overtime pay.

Government leaders may be left without protection for some time as more than 1000 VIP security personnel – who are members of the SA Police Union (Sapu) and the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) – stand up to the SAPS at the Affairs Commission. Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and the Sector Security Negotiations Council, City Press reported.

Two unions representing millions of police officers are at loggerheads over overtime and travel allowances for more than 1,100 VIP security personnel in all nine provinces.

According to the publication, one of the employees of the security department of the Minister of Police, Bheki Chele, in the Western Cape province, since last year, has brought the employer to account for overtime work.

Ghost delegates attend the ANC’s North West Conference

The Ninth North West African National Conference (ANC) at the Rostenburg Community Center has been marred not only by delays and legal disputes, but also by allegations of fake delegates and theft.

The party laid criminal charges against a group of members who broke into the Olympia Park stadium registration desk and stole conference accreditation badges, which were later allegedly cloned.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has accused the National Executive Committee (NEC) team deployed to the conference of “subjectivity” and seeking to fraudulently influence the outcome of the conference.

Delegate Wessels Morveng said members of the organization on the ground were informed that targeting of the tags was ongoing, but those printing the tags took off when they were approached.

Get out your blankets: the cold is about to reach Gauteng

The thermometer on the snow shows low temperatures – zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. Cold winter weather – zero Celsius thirty two Fahrenheit.

Time to get those blankets out as a cold front hits Gauteng.

Weather in Gauteng warned residents to prepare for frost in parts of the province from Sunday evening.

According to the tweet, the mercury is expected to drop significantly overnight.

“Warning: Frost over parts of South Gauteng overnight due to cold front”.

The suspect in the attack on Rushdie has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder

The man accused of stabbing Salman Rushdie at a literary event pleaded not guilty to attempted murder on Saturday as the critically injured author appeared to be improving in hospital.

Hadi Matar, 24, was arraigned in New York state, and prosecutors described how Rushdie was stabbed approximately 10 times in what they said was a premeditated, premeditated attack.

After the attack on stage on Friday, Rushdie was airlifted to hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

His agent, Andrew Wiley, said the writer was on a ventilator and was in danger of losing an eye, but in an update on Saturday he told the New York Times that Rushdie had started talking again, believing his condition had improved.

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