The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu-Natal says it is disappointed that funds have not yet been allocated to help flood victims. The party says the 1 billion rupees promised by President Cyril Ramaphosa has not arrived.

Speaking at a media briefing on disaster relief measures, the party said it was time to act and recover, but nothing was being done. The KwaZulu-Natal’s KA department is unhappy with the pace of aid in the province after last month’s devastating floods.

KZN party leader Francois Rogers says officials say the national government is unable to allocate funds to the province to deal with natural disasters until audited financial reports on the 2021/2022 budget are available – expected by September.

Rogers says it’s a disappointment. “The president has made it clear that there is 1 billion rupees and the finance minister said there are a billion contingencies and available immediately, now I have asked this question to the ICC Finance and it has shown that there is not a billion rand. So should we establish where we are going to take the money to help us? Should we reconsider the priorities of our provincial budget, which will help Etekwini eliminate the damage, because, as we know, they do not have a budget and reserve funds? ”

In the video below, President Cyril Ramaphosa assures the flood victims that they will receive the necessary assistance:

Rogers is being questioned about how the Center for Disaster Relief works. He believes that there is a lack of coordination between different spheres of power.

“We have to admit that the rains may have gone and gone, the floods have gone, but we are still dealing with the crisis in the province. At this stage, we, as the DA, are still asking where and who runs the Disaster Management Center or natural disasters? We still have to deal with housing, to deal with infrastructure damage, but who is in charge and who is responsible for this, and who is on this disaster relief team? We saw that everyone worked in silence, the provincial government worked on its own, and Etekwini worked on its own. “

The leader of the DA meeting in the municipality of Etekwini Nicole Graham says that few people know how to apply for vouchers for the repair of their homes, and says that this is due to a misunderstanding between the municipality and the victims.

“Well, Rs 3,500 will help with home renovations or vouchers, and there has been a lot of confusion in the city about responsibilities and how people will claim, and that’s really unacceptable. The city said some claims are false or fake forms. The city has informed you what form to use if your property is affected or if you are a person who needs help. It will really have devastating consequences, because there are thousands of people whose homes have been damaged and not insured and not covered by insurance, or there is no real help. “

Meanwhile, Lenax Mabasa, a spokesman for the provincial government, says the government is working around the clock to help the victims.

“The government has been managing this crisis since day one, and we know that the donation came later, when a lot has happened. The government is working around the clock to ensure that the families of the victims can bury their loved ones with dignity, so that the economy can start functioning, as much has happened. “

More than 400 people have died in the devastating floods, some of whom are thought to be missing.

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