According to the researcher Samtsun at Paradigm, Curve Finance was compromised, with over $500,000 stolen in a matter of minutes. Automated market maker a warning users to exercise caution when interacting with the site. So does Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao general news and monitors the situation. CoinTelegraph reports: Curve said via Twitter that its exchange, which is a standalone product, was not affected by the attack because it uses a different DNS provider. Twitter user LefterisJP pondered that the alleged attacker most likely used DNS spoofing to perform an exploit on the service: “This is DNS spoofing. Cloned the site, forced DNS to point to their IP address where the cloned site is deployed, and added approval requests to the malicious contract.”

Other players in the DeFi space are coming soon took to Twitter to spread the word to their followers, with some noting that the alleged thief had stolen over $573K at the time of posting: “Warning to all @CurveFinance users, their interface has been compromised! Do not interact with him until further notice! It appears that about $570,000 has been stolen so far.”

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