Cuban rescue services said late Thursday that they had found the body of the last man believed to be missing after last week’s bombing that blew up the sides of a luxury hotel in historic Havana.

As a result of the discovery of the body, the death toll rose to 45 people.

A massive explosion on Friday at the five-star Saratoga Hotel, located a block from the iconic Capitol Building in Havana’s restored tourist district, has left more than 100 people trapped, killed or injured.

Fifteen remain in hospital.

Officials say the blast was caused by a gas leak.

Cuban fire chief Luis Carlos Guzman told reporters at the scene that the woman whose body was found, who was believed to be a waitress at the hotel, “is currently the last missing person.”

The hotel was closed at the time of the blast, but was due to open on Monday.

Most of the dead or injured were Cuban employees or passers-by, including a Spanish tourist and a pregnant woman.

As a result of the explosion, several children from a nearby school were injured, four died.

Shortly after the restoration of what was considered the last body, President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced a period of national mourning in honor of those killed.

For several days, Cuban rescuers were sorting through massive piles of garbage at the base of a neoclassical-style hotel building that is more than a century old. They sought access to hard-to-reach places on the lower floors where the last bodies were found.

In addition to human casualties, the blast severely damaged two neighboring high-rise apartment buildings and caused minor damage to 17 structures within a two-block radius.

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