Anyone’s cheesecake? If you love this creamy dessert, these cheesecake cups are perfect for you. These elegant desserts, served in cups or frames and seasoned with slightly tart passion fruit, complete a wonderful evening.

There are many variations that you can experiment with when making cheesecake. Replace passion fruit with berries or other slices of exotic fruits such as kiwi. If you don’t want to use fruit as a filling, you can also use a little caramel and spread it on top for even sweeter.

Tips for making cups for cheesecakes

If you bake the crust, watch it, because it will burn quickly.

Putting the cheesecake in the oven, loosely cover the form with foil. Let the cheesecake bake until it hardens, but there should still be a slight sway in the center. It is important not to overcook the cheesecake as this will affect the taste and texture.

After baking, remove the frame from the pan and cool to room temperature. Only when the cheesecake cups reach room temperature can you put them in the fridge to cool.

Prepare these cheesecake cups once and you will have a new favorite dessert that can be served to guests.

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