The head of the International Labor Organization Thomas Wissing says that countries need to create favorable conditions for job creation. At least 2,000 delegates from more than 180 countries are taking part in the 5th World Conference on the Elimination of Child Labor, opened by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Alberto Lutuli International Incosi Conference Center in Durban.

The conference is being held in Africa for the first time.

Wizing stressed the importance of good work practices as well as the need to provide employment for parents to eradicate child labor.

“We need to make sure that parents have a decent income, a decent job, and a job that provides a sufficient family income. We need to make sure that workers can defend their rights. We need to make sure they have social protection and respect for workers ’rights.

“We need to make sure that parents really earn a family income and create jobs. I think that in the end it is connected with creating conditions so that children do not get into child labor. “

Thomas Vissing speaks to SABC News at the 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labor:

Africa leads the world in the number of child labor cases

Vizing noted that more than half of the 160 million working children are in Africa.

“A number of countries are struggling with the economic crisis, others are facing conflict with the war with the relocation of people with migration, so this is a difficult environment, and the pandemic has hit them very hard on the African continent. Not surprisingly, this is not easy, we see that of the 160 million children working in the world, 92 million are in Africa, so more than half of them and half of these 92 million children are more or less dangerous jobs. which are directly dangerous to their lives for their health, ”he adds.

Child labor around the world

Child labor worldwide from SABC Digital News

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