Parents of truants in Jagersfontein are frustrated and demanding answers. Some were relocated to nearby cities. Three schools suffered in Jagersfontein in terms of student attendance.

About 77 students were out of school after the mine’s dam burst, displacing families and damaging infrastructure.

Training and education continues in Jagersfontein and victims of the disaster are still waiting for help.

Many of the injured students are junior high school students. Water and electricity infrastructure also affected schooling.

The Department of Education says it has engaged Bloem Water to help provide water to schools. Generators are also organized for power supply.

The Department of Education is working on a catch-up plan to accommodate the affected students.

However, migrant parents have expressed concern that their children will fall behind in the exams that are already underway.

Concerned parents were not impressed.

One parent says: “I’m disappointed because the minister was here, the prime minister, they said they were going to make a plan for the children who are here. They’re going to bring teachers and whatnot, but they haven’t done that… So I’m very disappointed.”

Another parent says: “Exams are around the corner, how will our children work for their future, this is not the case. I’m very disappointed as a parent, I’m very disappointed.”

The provincial education office says poor attendance is due to fear and anxiety, loss of uniform and insufficient water.

Free State Education spokesperson Howard Ndaba appealed to parents to encourage students to attend school. “We appeal to all parents, to all public associations, to gather their children to school. Because our schools are safe when they’re there, they’re going to learn and teach, we also have food that they get, and we have our program that continues to feed. So we encourage them to bring their children to school because we strongly believe that our schools are safe.”

The devastation caused by the collapse of the mine’s dam left many residents homeless. The devastation caused by the collapse of the mine’s dam has left many residents homeless and two people are missing.

After that, one person died. The search and rescue operation continues.

The landslide, which affected about a thousand hectares of pastures, also polluted a nearby stream.

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