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Colombia vs Costa Rica: Copa America 2024 Preview and Predictions


Rabat – In a pivotal Copa America Group D clash, Colombia is set to take on Costa Rica at State Farm Stadium today at 11 p.m. Moroccan local time, aiming to build on their opening victory against Paraguay.

Costa Rica, bolstered by a hard-fought draw against Brazil, faces another daunting challenge against a formidable Colombian side riding high on confidence.

Costa Rica’s resilient defensive performance earned them a crucial point against Brazil, marking a significant achievement given Brazil’s formidable attacking prowess. The draw not only boosted their morale but also underscored their capability to frustrate even the strongest South American offensive units.

The two teams have met four times in Copa America history. Colombia emerged victorious in three encounters (1997, 2004, and 2011), while Costa Rica secured a notable victory during the 2016 CONMEBOL Copa América Centenario held in the United States.

Historically viewed as underdogs against South American giants, Costa Rica draws confidence from their triumph over Colombia in the 2016 Copa America.

Managed by Nestor Lorenzo, Colombia showcased dominance in possession and secured a 2-1 win over Paraguay in their tournament opener. With stars like James Rodriguez and a solid defensive lineup, Colombia presents a formidable blend of experience and talent.

According to Opta’s analysis, Colombia (56.3%) is heavily favored over Costa Rica, whose point in the first match was considered fortuitous. Despite Costa Rica’s recent defensive resilience, they have never managed consecutive clean sheets at the Copa America, underscoring the challenge they face.

If Colombia can breach Costa Rica’s defensive setup early, the match could tilt heavily in their favor.