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Cloudflare proves their point – do your homework, ignore the noise

One of the best parts of my responsibilities to BizNews Premium members is monitoring our two model stock portfolios and hosting monthly webinars on what’s going on with the companies I own.

There’s also a personal touch to the exercise, as I’ve exactly replicated Shyft’s portfolio for my own money. Which wasn’t easy considering it launched at the worst time imaginable (December 2021).

One of the most testing of these was watching the share price of global internet security leader Cloudflare fall from $200 last November to $40 in mid-June. The portfolio’s average buy-in price is $102, making it the worst holding of any stock we own. It’s embarrassing when you keep telling the tribe that this is your favorite company.

However, Matthew Prince’s business proved Mr Market wrong on Friday by delivering another set of market-beating numbers. Cloudflare’s stock price jumped 27% to $74 and is now close to our entry level. Lesson: Do your homework and ignore the noise. Even if it seems overwhelming.

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