A “belt of extreme heat” is forming that stretches as far north as Chicago, a corridor that cuts through the middle of the country and will affect more than 107 million people over the next 30 years, according to new data on the nation’s heat risk. From the report: A report released Monday by the nonprofit research group First Street Foundation found that in the American heartland, which stretches from Texas and Louisiana north to the Great Lakes, residents could experience temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit by 2053 — conditions that are more common in California’s Death Valley or parts of the Middle East.

The projections are part of the First Street Foundation’s new peer-reviewed extreme heat model, which shows that over the next 30 years, much of the country will see an increase in heat index days above 100 degrees as a result of climate change. . The heat index shows how the temperature of the human body feels when humidity and air temperature are combined. It is usually called “sensational temperature”. “Everyone is affected by increased heat, whether it’s an absolute increase in dangerous days or just a local hot day,” said First Street Foundation chief scientist Jeremy Porter, professor and head of quantitative social science methods at City. New York University.

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