Broadband Infraco (BBI) and submarine cable operator Seacom are partnering, among other things, to ensure “efficient and cost-effective” infrastructure deployment.

In a statement today, state-owned BBI said the partnership is important as both companies can leverage resources and scale to offer the most competitive offering in the market.

BBI and Seacom are involved in the deployment of electronic communications network infrastructure, including the installation and maintenance of fiber optic and wireless networks. Both agree that the deployment of such infrastructure should be in accordance with the development goals and policies of the National Development Plan.

As a result, the special focus of the partnership will be the development of the market of small and medium-sized businesses and, in particular, women, with the aim of directing them to the service of both private and public services, according to the statement.

“Our collaboration with Seacom will serve us well in ensuring that we provide market-ready products and services and a seamless experience for our customers and partners,” says BBI CEO Andrew Maceke.

“The partnership will collaborate on, among other things, infrastructure, installation, support and maintenance, infrastructure deployment and disaster recovery centers, shared passive and active infrastructure.”

According to Oliver Fortuin, CEO of Seacom Group, the partnership will facilitate joint actions and joint efforts to participate, negotiate and win competitive bidding, which will enable both parties to implement relevant electronic communications network infrastructure projects and provide comprehensive long-term planning.

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