Labor leader Keir Starmer.

  • Britain’s Labor leader Keir Starmer has said he will resign if he is fined for violating blocking rules.
  • Police are investigating whether Starmer violated blocking rules in 2021.
  • Starmer called on Boris Johnson to resign after being fined for a similar crime.

British Labor leader Keir Starmer said Monday that he would resign if police decide he violated Covid-19 rules by putting pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who refused to resign after being fined for a party that violated the blocking regime.

After months of criticism of Johnson for attending parties at his residence on Downing Street, when Britain was in strict closure of the coronavirus, attention turned to a meeting that Starmer attended last year in the North East of England.

British police said on Friday they would investigate Starmer for a potential blockade violation in 2021 after receiving significant new information. Footage from April 2021 shows him drinking a bottle of beer with colleagues indoors when such meetings were banned, when not necessary for work.

Starmer and his main opposition Labor party have repeatedly called on Johnson and his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, to resign after both received fines for a birthday celebration hosted for employees on Downing Street in June 2020.

But so far he has refused to say whether he will resign if it is found that he has broken the rules.

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“I believe in honor, in honesty and in the principle that those who create the rules must follow them … I am absolutely clear that the laws were not broken, they were obeyed all the time. I just had something to eat when I worked late.” in the evening, ”Starmer told reporters.

“But if the police decided to issue me a fixed fine notice, I would certainly have done the right thing and left.”

Deputy Labor leader Angela Reiner said in a statement that she would also “do decent things and resign” if she is fined by police.

Starmer, who previously served as the country’s attorney general, has been dubbed by Labor colleagues as “Mr Rules” and has been battling questions about his possible resignation after he urged others to resign.

It’s a gamble, but many Labor lawmakers believe Starmer won’t be fined for last year’s meeting.

The move will also be used by Labor to try to defeat the ruling Conservative Party, which was punished last week by local voters for the so-called “party gate” and rising cost of living crisis.

After losing control of traditional London strongholds last week, Johnson hopes to use Tuesday’s new legislative program to reset his agenda.

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