An Eastern Cape man has been jailed for life for murdering his 60-year-old mother.

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  • An Eastern Cape man received a serious sentence in the Sterkspruit Regional Court for murdering his mother.
  • It also turned out that his villagetook her car and TV and that he lied to the police.
  • In addition, the man worked as an industrial psychologist, although he did not have the qualifications for this.

An Eastern Cape man who practiced industrial psychology even though he was unqualified has been jailed for life for murdering his 60-year-old mother, as well as fraud in connection with a bogus practice.

Nathaniel Molefe Kosi, 42, was also sentenced by the Sterkspruit Regional Court to 15 years for aggravated robbery and seven years for perverting the course of justice.

According to police, Kosi called them on August 20, 2018 and said he had found his mother dead on the floor of a bedroom in Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape.

Eastern Cape Police spokeswoman Captain Ursula Roelofs said:

When they arrived in Colville, the son pointed to his mother lying on the bedroom floor, where she was tied with rope and had an open wound on the back of her head.

During further investigation, police noticed that a shovel was used to attack the woman.

At the time, Kosi said his mother’s TV and car were missing.

The car was found abandoned at a bus station the next day.

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“After a thorough investigation, the television was found in the trunk of the car, still intact, with a rope similar to the one used to tie the deceased hanging from the trunk,” Roelofs added.

Eastern Cape National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Regional Spokesperson Luksala Tiali said the investigation also revealed that a day before Kosi called the police to report his mother’s death, he had taken his receptionist to an alleged out-of-hours consultation time They drove to Colville and Cosey left the receptionist in the car while he drove to his intended client.

He returned two hours later in his mother’s car and instructed the party to follow him home in their car.

“One day the clerk found out that the car was also killed [stolen], he went to the police, telling them that the car was never stolen, but that his boss, Kosi, had chased it away. His fingerprints were found on the TV, which was in the trunk of the deceased’s car,” Tyali said.

When the receptionist came forward, police also discovered Kosi had been trading as an industrial psychologist without any qualifications, and they charged him with fraud over that allegation.

Tally said:

Kosi also admitted some incriminating facts during cross-examination, leading the court to believe that he was also guilty of fraud.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud, to be served concurrently with other sentences.

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