The BMW Group says it is the first carmaker to use matte biomass paints instead of crude oil at its European plants.

Factories in Leipzig and South Africa also use sustainable corrosion protection. Renewable raw materials, such as biowaste or wastewater treatment plants, serve as the starting material for paints. The CO2 savings identified in the TUV certified process amount to more than 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030.

The supplier BASF allows you to replace oil-based predecessors, such as oil, renewable raw materials from organic waste, starting from the early stages of paint production. This reduces the consumption of fossil resources and avoids CO2 emissions associated with the production, transportation and refining of crude oil.

Corrosion protection paints and matte paints used in Leipzig and Plant are chemically identical to paints used previously, with the same properties as body coatings are commonly produced. Because bio-based coatings and conventional coatings are produced on the same line, BASF adopts an externally certified approach to mass balance.

It is claimed that a sustainable production process reduces CO2 emissions from paint production by 40 percent.

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