The Minister of Police, General Bheki Chele, has urged the newly appointed police trainees not to commit corruption in the performance of their duties. Tsele was speaking in Mtat at the police academy during the graduation parade of a group of trainees who are part of the 495 graduates passed out today.

This is the first batch of 10,000 to be deployed as constables across the country. Graduates also include those who specialize in a variety of academic fields, including criminologists, law, and criminology.

Chele says this is part of a plan to fight crime in South Africa.

“What we’re going to be proud of is when you’re on the ground and you implement what you’ve been taught and extra, you go above and beyond. As South Africans, look at yourselves, they should say here is our savior, you should know that you are an asset to South Africans. Keep in mind that any actions you take in the performance of your duties are done within the law. Beware of the temptation to commit corruption or behave unethically,” says Chele.

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