The last trading quarter is the perfect time for business owners to look at the end of the year. Here are 8 things business owners can do to get them across the finish line of 2022 and into 2023.

Business is a game, and it is not easy, especially in the current socio-economic conditions. However, as with any game, a combination of rules and tools, strategies and stealth can help achieve winning goals. Among them, foresight – looking into the future – can be considered a key component of future success.

It is clear that in many organizations medium-term planning is often neglected due to day-to-day operational and management pressures.

Game of Thrones: Why Content is King and Context is Queen

However, no rugby, football or Fortnite team can take the field without a game plan, and the final trading quarter is the perfect time for business owners to look at the end-of-year game that will see them through to the finish line.

Planning too late in the year will likely not give you enough of a head start for the following year and could see business strategies on the back foot, especially when teams return after the holiday break.

October - Official start of the 4th quarter

Planning ahead ensures that all stakeholders are well prepared for what lies ahead, with peace of mind that your business communications strategies are ahead of the curve.

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Making sure your marketing and communications strategies are up to speed will allow you and your teams to enjoy your well-deserved holiday downtime with more peace of mind.

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