Whistleblower Babita Deakaran’s brother thanked the media for focusing on the cases she was investigating at the time of her death.

Deakaran, a senior Gauteng health official, was shot dead outside her home in Johannesburg in what is believed to be a hit-and-run attack. She was the main witness in the investigation of tender fraud in the procurement of personal protective equipment.

Six men have since been charged with Deokaran’s murder and are due back in court on August 24, 2022.

Deakaran’s brother, Rakesh, says her death should motivate authorities to protect whistleblowers.

Rakesh says, “It was tough at first. As a family we’ve stood together and tried to get through this, but it’s getting harder and harder as the days go by. We really appreciate what the media has done. After all, getting things out is not something to be swept under the bridge. After all, we appreciate what the media has done for us to regularly publish it.”

SIU welcomes arrests in Babita Deakaran murder case:

Gauteng Premier David Mahura is finalizing the appointment of an Independent Forensic Investigator (IFI) to handle the charges arising from the investigation into the murder of Babita Deakaran.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) recently called for the immediate suspension of Tembisa Hospital CEO Ashley Mtunzi, who allegedly signed off on payments to more than 200 companies.

Deokaran identified the payments as potentially fraudulent.

Prime Minister Mahlalefi Lebota’s office says: “Prime Minister Mahura said that while we are committed to ensuring strong action is taken against civil servants found to be dereliction of duty in under the PFMA, we must ensure that our actions are in accordance with the PSA and other applicable regulations.”

The SIU has confirmed that Deakaran was a key witness in the investigation into a multi-million rand fraud related to the alleged improper tendering of COVID-19 personal protective equipment.

Deakaran discovered corrupt colleagues – influential politicians who allegedly fraudulently manipulated tenders for their own benefit.

SIU welcomes arrests in Babita Deakaran murder case:

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