Referring to a report by The Information’s Wayne Ma (paid access), MacRumors reports that rumors have long been circulating about Apple’s AR / VR headset, which has 14 cameras that allow you to create real avatars with accurate facial expressions. The company is also working on the project with former head of design Johnny Ive. From the report: First, one of the features of the headset is realistic avatars with clear facial expressions taken by 14 cameras: “Other issues, such as the inclusion of 14 cameras on the headset, have caused headaches for engineers and algorithms. Cameras include to ensure that virtual avatars accurately reflect their facial expressions and mouth movements, the highlighting feature ”.

The report adds that former Apple design manager Johnny Ive continued to be involved in the headset project as an external consultant to the company: adding that he is often involved to help his former team advance their strengths in areas such as battery, camera placement and ergonomics than engineers. Two people said that even after Ive left Apple, some employees in the suit project still had to go from Cupertino to San Francisco, where Ive has a home to get approval for the changes. Ive continued to customize the headset design. While earlier prototypes had a battery in the armband, it prefers a design that would tie the headset to the user’s battery wears, similar to the Magic Leap headset design. It is impossible to know whether this approach will be included in the final design. ”

It is said that the original version of the Apple headset was not focused on games: “Four people who worked on the project also criticized the lack of attention to games, a category of software that attracts early users, which was important for iPhone success VR Meta. These people said that Rockwell’s band almost never mentioned the game in internal presentations about the possible use of the headset. Apple is not developing game controllers for the device and is looking to use hand tracking or in conjunction with a pin-like finger clip as inputs for the device, say several people familiar with the project. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Apple executives last week reviewed the company’s future headset, “indicating that the development of the device has reached an advanced stage.”

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