An anonymous reader quotes a Gizmodo report: It is reported that one of the most famous detractors of Apple, returning to the office, performed a new concert at the DeepMind Alphabet, which was the latest drama around the clashes of remote work of Big Tech. The move, ironically, comes at about the same time as Apple decided to abandon its latest return to the office. In an internal note reviewed by Bloomberg on Tuesday, the company said it would postpone its requirement for three days of office work, which is due to take effect on May 23. The note reportedly cites the recent rise in Covid-19 cases for deferment and “do not specify a firm date when they will try again. Apple workers still have to work in the office two days a week and now have to wear masks in public places .

Meanwhile, Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s former director of machine learning, who abruptly left the company, at least in part due to remote work restrictions, is reportedly joining the DeepMind Alphabet. Sources told Bloomberg that Goodfellow will join DeepMind as an “individual participant”. He previously worked as a senior researcher at Google back in 2019. This change of job has been a major blow to Apple, a company struggling to reassure employees who run counter to its return-to-work strategy. Goodfellow, who is the oldest member who is known to have skipped remote work, is reported to have turned the question is directly in the staff note received by Zoe Slate from The Verge. “I firmly believe that the best policy for my team would be more flexibility,” Goodfellow wrote. The report notes that Alphabet also did not fully cover the remote first office, “previous reports suggest that Google more regularly approves remote queries. [than Apple]».

As office returns accelerate, many workers are willing to quit their jobs because of job flexibility. According to a survey of 1,000 adults in the U.S. last year, 39% said they would “think of resigning if their employers were not flexible about remote work.” This figure was 49% among millennials and Generation Z.

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