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  • A new debate on the party’s outgoing leadership took place at a meeting of the ANC’s national working committee on Monday.
  • The meeting called on Mandla Msibi and Zandila Gumede to resign from their newly elected positions.
  • The two avoided deviations from the conference because they were elected after the ANC amended its rule.

Having experienced a new struggle for her forced to resign after her election as ANC eThekwini chairman, Zandil Gumede believes the controversial ANC resignation rule should be discussed and finalized at the party’s political conference in July.

The resignation rule continues to provoke intense debate in the ANC, especially after the party clarified the rule. Gumede is very interested in how the party decides to enshrine the resignation rule, as it could decide its political future.

The latest debate on the rule took place at a meeting of the ANC’s National Working Committee on Monday, which called for the newly elected leaders of ANC Humede and ANC Provincial Treasurer Mpumalanga Mandla Msibi to be forced to resign.

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The two were elected before the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) decided that criminally affected members should be barred from running for leadership positions.

The initial “retreat” recommendation only recommended that the members concerned step aside.

However, as the ANC election year takes effect, the party has moved on to electing members accused in the criminal case to influential positions.

There were questions and discussions about whether Gumede and Msibi should resign, given that they were elected after the changed guidelines.

News24 understands that both politicians have survived attempts to remove them from office.

The ANC was expected to hold a meeting of the national executive committee in June.

The recommendation that members prosecuted should not be allowed to run for office is likely to be further discussed.

The issue was expected to be a topic for discussion at the ANC’s political conference in July, where members must finally decide on the party’s position.

Speaking to News24 on Wednesday, Gumede said she believes the withdrawal rule should be settled during the ANC’s policy discussion at the July conference.

Gumede declined to comment on attempts to force her to resign.

She is accused of corruption in a protracted case of a tender for the removal of solid waste for 320 million rupees.

Msibi, meanwhile, is accused of attempted murder in connection with the August 2021 shooting in Mbambel.

He had previously denied involvement in the shooting, but Msibi declined to discuss that he should also resign on Wednesday.

Gwen Ramakgop, coordinator of the ANC secretary general’s office, called Msibi’s election to the branches, despite the criminal charges against him, as “unfortunate.”

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