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African National Congress (ANC) presidential candidate Zweli Mkhize has lashed out at some ANC leaders who he claims intend to use money to be elected to positions of power.

He says that as the ANC prepares for the National Conference, which begins on the 16th of next month, party members should refuse to be voted in a certain way.

Mkhize will meet ANC incumbent Cyril Ramaphosa at a conference in Nasrec next month. He addressed ANC members gathered at the DH Williams Hall in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, who were attending the Mama Bertha Gksova Memorial Lecture.

He says the ANC is not for sale.

“The ANC is not for sale, comrades. No matter how much, we refuse to be bought. Well, I’ve seen in a number of districts where people who needed money took the money and voted correctly. I say, comrades, we need to restore the integrity of the leadership to the ANC – as people who are trustworthy and people of integrity, not people who are going to sell on the basis of the highest bidder.”

Ramaphosa and Mkhize nominated for ANC presidency:

Ramaphosa and Mkhize nominated to contest for the position for ANC president

Tsweli Mkhize about his campaign

Mkhize says his campaign to lead the ruling party is based on four pillars.

He said this in an exclusive interview with the SABC.

He gave reasons why he is suitable for the position.

“There are four areas that you want to focus on. The first has to do with rebuilding the ANC, strengthening the ANC as a party. Second, improve government and ensure its ability to implement policy and deliver services. Third, deal with economic issues; the rate of poverty and unemployment is very high and finally it is a matter of geopolitics that we should focus on. So, looking at​​​​these specific areas, it is important for us to say that we have a good ANC policy, we want to try to get a leadership that should focus on implementation, let’s see what can be done, let’s make sure that it will done and it works.”

In a conversation with ANC presidential candidate Dr. Tsweli Mkhize:

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