Cookies, snacks that make the world go round. Do you remember pulling cookies out of the tin as a child? How about watching grandma bake them, or getting up at midnight for a snack? There are so many iconic types, and the classic chocolate chip cookie is the most popular for a reason. They’re great with a glass of milk, tea or coffee or just sneaking them back up north.

Tips for classic chocolate chip cookies

Cookie dough is made in the most classic way, and you can probably eat it that way. However, if you pull your hands away from the dough, you will get golden and crispy masterpieces. This dough can also be rested, or even better if left in the fridge for a few days. You can chop your own dark chocolate or buy pre-made chips from your local store. When baking, make sure they are spread far enough apart so they don’t stick together.

Is there a cookie more famous than the classic chocolate chip cookie? Our recipe will help you plan your day with your next sip in mind.

Do you want to make more classic cookie and biscuit recipes to enjoy on the weekend with friends and family? Take a look at our great recipes for you to try. There are many more old recipes like this one. They are posted at Potchefstroom Boys High School. Tested recipes of parents and friends.

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