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  • Sluggish babies are admitted to the emergency room with sodium deficiency due to diluted mixtures.
  • Dr. Owice Durani said homemade formulas and someone else’s breast milk are also not safe alternatives.
  • For most babies, changing the brand of the mixture is okay, and parents can ask doctors for samples.
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Some parents are taking desperate measures to feed their children amid the lack of a mixture, and Dr. Ovais Durani is watching the consequences.

An East Texas ambulance doctor told the Insider that he and his colleagues were treating infants whose parents were feeding them a diluted mixture to extend supplies.

But diluting the mixture compensates for the electrolyte balance, which leads to low sodium in infants. This, in turn, can reduce infants ’blood volume, causing low blood pressure and life-threatening circulating oxygen levels. Electrolyte imbalances can also lead to potentially fatal seizures, Durani said, although his clinics have not seen children in that condition.

“The co-formula is essentially regulated just as well as any prescription medication when it comes to ingredients to make sure a baby’s kidneys are developing, his liver, their electrolytes – everything else is in very fine balance,” he said. .

“They’re not as resilient as an adult who can be in the sun for 12 hours and dehydrate – we’ll still be fine, but for a child it’s not,” Durani continued. “Every electrolyte, every component, every mineral in this formula is very important.”

Parents are also asking about homemade blends

The fool said his parents also asked him if the various home-made recipes were safe. In no case can he or another doctor answer “yes,” he said, because it is known that only regulated formulas have the right balance of nutrients for body and brain development.

Texas ambulance doctor Dr. Ovais Durani

Recipes with cow’s, goat’s or nut milk are dangerous until the child is 1 year old, previously reported by Jane Ridley of Insider.

“They really shouldn’t drink any inhuman milk,” said Dr. Victoria Regan, a pediatrician at Herman Children’s Memorial Hospital in Texas. “If they do not receive milk from either the mother or from a reputable breast milk supplier, they lack the necessary nutrients, which affects both physical and nervous development.”

In extreme cases, to a deficiency of the mixture homemade recipes based on an alkaline diet supported by celebrities, led to the hospitalization of infants with brain injuries and rickets.

Using breast milk from a family friend or stranger is also dangerous, Durani said. “The problem is that it can transmit the disease.” Meanwhile, it has been shown that breast milk sold online (rather than through banks that carefully check and pack donations) contains pathogenic bacteria.

What parents can do

Durrani said most babies can tolerate other brands of formulas while they wait until their chosen brand is replenished. If they do not have severe allergies, the worst side effects may be sputum or diarrhea.

However, he acknowledges that this is not the perfect solution. “For parents to make these changes, it’s also stressful because it’s another unknown,” he said.

Parents can also ask a pediatrician or local hospital for samples of the mixture.

“Pediatricians are here to help, we are here to help. We will not turn a hungry child away from the emergency department. We will make sure that if this child is discharged, there is some plan,” Durani said. . “But please don’t use any of these other options because it can lead to life-threatening problems.”

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