American Airlines has agreed to buy 20 Overture supersonic jets from Boom Supersonic, the companies announced Tuesday. From the report: The deal is Boom’s second firm order in two years, just a few years after building its first commercial aircraft. United Airlines last year committed to purchase 15 Overture aircraft. “Passengers want flights that are faster, more comfortable, more sustainable, and that’s what Overture delivers,” Boom CEO Blake Scholl told CNBC. “Flight times can be less than half what we have today, and that works great on networks like American, where we can fly from Miami to London in under five hours.” Boom says the Overture jet will fly at Mach 1.7, or 1,304 miles per hour, significantly reducing transatlantic and transpacific flight times. For example, a flight from Seattle to Tokyo that normally takes just over 10 hours can be completed in six hours in Overture, Boom reports.

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