Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leima Gbowie says African leaders must stop hiding behind the colonial past because of a lack of care and inefficiency in providing basic services to their people.

Talking to SABC News on 5th The World Conference on the Elimination of Child Labor, currently being held at the Durban International Conference Center, Gbovi, said the current number of leaders did not match former leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, accusing them of speeding up. concerned with their own wealth and everything else that seemed to benefit them exclusively.

It came a day after Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2014 Kailash Satyarthi attributed the problems Africa was experiencing, including increasing the number of children working in child labor, to a discriminatory world order.

Gbowy says most African countries have achieved independence, African leaders are able to do better for their people.

“They have governments; they have systems and structure. In addition, we have the largest amount of resources in the world, but we continue to struggle to provide basic needs. We continue to build a decent life for our people. ”

A Liberian peace activist who played an important role in ending the civil war in Liberia 19 years ago says: “How do you continue to blame colonial powers when some of our leaders fly to exotic hospitals outside their countries and leave poor people for the benefit of the state where they are can’t even afford aspirin or paracetamol? Who are we blaming? ”

Gboui is in the country as one of the delegates from around the world gathered at the ICC to share best practices and seek accelerated action to eliminate child labor, as well as to assess progress made towards the Sustainable Development Mat (SDG). ) regarding child labor.

She says it is time for Africa to recover from the colonial trauma.

“Even when negotiations are underway and funding comes to the community where our natural resources are exploited, how much money do you see coming back to those communities? How many hospitals are built in places where gold, diamonds and all these different things are exploited? ”

The founder and president of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa says many of the current leaders can’t think beyond party politics and their own wealth.

Earlier, the President of the Congress of Trade Unions of South Africa (Kosatu) Zingiswa Lossi noted that Africa has a force that unites and applies African solutions to African problems.

“Africa has always been seen as one continent that doesn’t seem to be progressing, but agrees with what the world should look like. And sometimes you realize that the reason we don’t seem to be moving forward in solving our own problems is that we have lost our own identity as African people. We seem to think that South Africa itself, and the rest of Africa and the whole continent are acting differently, and as a result we have no African solutions to African problems. ”

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