Bill Blackie – Chief Executive Officer of Standard Bank’s Business and Commercial Clients Division

The configuration of the newly established Business & Commercial Clients (BCC) division of Standard Bank announces the formation of practices dedicated to harnessing the capacity of small, medium and large businesses to sustain and enhance the inclusive growth of domestic business in Africa.

Success stories in new markets are characterized by the proliferation and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses.

And even in developed countries, the SME sector identifies and supports the economic expansion and broad employment on which long-term prosperity and stability are built.

Creating dedicated, focused business practices and commercial clients seeks to enhance and focus Standard Bank’s highly developed business building capabilities in Africa – at a time when local business formation across the continent is leading and supporting the next phase of African growth.

Being physically in the field with experienced and capable staff recruited and grown in the country, the BCC Standard Bank division supports a full range of business banking services in 15 African countries.

This developed banking platform directly supports the emergence of domestic and regional businesses across the continent.

Turning small businesses into family businesses or larger importers / exporters or wholesale distributors, or eventually even into regional private and stock corporations, will drive sustainable inclusive private economic growth in Africa.

Despite the very real challenges that the continent continues to face, exploring the recent past for Standard Bank is one of the deepest resilience and tremendous progress in Africa.

And the role of technology cannot be overestimated.

In particular, for small and less capitalized businesses, the ever-decreasing cost of banking services provided by technology will change the game.

The BCC Standard Bank division is committed to expanding the range of both simple and complex technologies, using our significant business experience in tandem with our established capital and expertise to grow and develop African business.

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